Our Impact

 Life as a young person in the UK today 

Growing up means change and uncertainty. At times this change can be exhilarating. At times this is confusing. Without the right support at the right time young people feel lonely and isolated, impairing their ability to make good decisions and lead productive lives.
Young people need trusted support to develop the confidence to take responsibility for their lives. New Generation Show believes that it is our collective responsibility to provide the tools for young people to take action.

The reality:


  • 1 in 5 young people are unemployed (ONS, January 2013)
  • 80,000 young people in the UK experience homelessness every year (Centrepoint, 2011)
  • 1 in 12 of the UK’s 14-to-29-year-olds self-harm (Young Minds & Cello group, 2012)
  • Suicide is the second biggest cause of death for 15- to- 24- year- olds in the UK (Samaritans 2011)
  • 43% of sexually active 16-to-19-year-olds have had sex with a new partner without using contraception (World Contraception Day, 2011)

Their aspirations:
New generation show polled the young people we serve in 2011 and they assured us that despite the Challenges, they have great aspirations. When asked for their one wish for the future…


  • 32% said getting a job
  • 19% said financial security
  • 17% said happiness
  • 13% said having a happy family
  • 6% said living in a better world

In 2012, there were over 2 million occasions have watched our show on TV and support from our YouTube channel, and those that have visited NGS for advice and support, have had their lives dramatically improved:


  • 63% took direct action to improve their situation as result of visiting NGS
  • 60% felt calmer about their situation after visiting NGS
  • 86% recognised on NGS there are other people in their situation
  • 71% felt better able to make informed decisions
  • 94% would watch NGS again
  • 92% would recommend NGS to a friend

New Generation Show Impact on Young People

Comments from real people…..
“I found this very helpful for more than one thing. I trust this show and the information that is on here. It is very easy to use and I find the information easy to understand too.”
““Thank you for this service. I like the way the answer to my question was personalised and not copied from another show; it felt like you were really trying to help and understand what I was going through.”
“I think that the fact we are able to watch other people’s similar problems is a real help and the fact that it is anonymous is even better.”
“i find talkin on here is good cos i can talk to people about it and u all seem pretty open and maybe are going through a similar situation!”
Our services never close. We never switch off. We’re here whenever young people need us.