New Generation Show – About Us

 New Generation Show believes in the power of connectivity. 


  • Young People Support
  • Preventing Teenage Pregnancy
  • Peer  Pressure
  • Teen Bullying

aboutusWe believe in young people today’s young people face challenges that can seem insurmountable;  Many young people are not in education, employment or training; 1 in 12 engage in self harming behaviour and 1 in 10 experience mental health problems, things  are tougher than they have ever been.

At NGS we believe that we have a collective responsibility to empower young people with the support, knowledge and skills they need to lead fulfilling lives.

We currently do this by harnessing technology for good. Our services never close. We never switch off. We’re here whenever young people need us. New generation show believes in using technology to make young lives better
Digital technology is transforming our world. People from all walks of life are sharing their ideas, skills and experiences faster and cheaper than ever before. NGS has been creating magazine solutions to ease young people’s isolation and to make their lives better.

Millions of young people access our YouTube channel (newgenshow1) and Facebook articles/videos/blogs about job issues, housing, sexual health, mental wellbeing, drugs and more. They get support directly from peers and experts. They learn how to make best use of and locate on-the-ground services. Offline, 200 young volunteers consult on the development of NGS, contribute to content development and are trained to provide support to their peers.

New Generation Show believes in the power of connectivity.  Life’s problems are interconnected so we take a holistic approach to all of our services to enable young people to make sense of challenging life experiences, unpick their problems and learn better decision making skills.

Digital technology is a powerful tool to connect individuals.We regularly communicate with the young people we serve to make sure that NGS  is having a positive impact on their lives and they tell us it most certainly does; 91% feel less isolated,92% find the answer to a question they wouldn’t feel comfortable asking elsewhere; 95% take action to improve their situation.